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  • We carry the whole line of Harris Insecticides for bed bugs, roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, wasps, and spiders.

  • ​We have a large selection of rodenticides like Rat X, Ramik, Tom Cat, and Harris. We also carry snap traps, glue boards and live catch & release traps 

  • We sell many options to repel snakes like Sulfur, High Yield Snake Repellent & Doctor T's Snake Away

  • ​We have a great selection of outdoor fire ant control products like Amdro, Surrender, Over & Out, and Extinguish

  • We have backpack sprayers and economical pump sprayers to use with both pest control, fertilization and weed control.

We have a large selection of pesticides, fertilizers, grass seed, and garden seeds to maintain and beautify your home. 

To rid your home of unwanted pests we have:

To make your yard beautiful we have:

  • We have Pensacola Bahia and Argentine Bahia to seed your yard. We also have summer and winter Rye.

  • We sell a large selection of fertilizers for both your yard and garden like 10-10-10; 16-2-8, 8-4-8, 6-6-6 all in 50lb. bags. We also have a large selection of Ferti-lome products to help grow and maintain your garden. 

  • We carry vegetable garden seeds, onion and potato sets when they are in season.

To eliminate weeds and garden pests we have:

  • We carry Round Up, Round Up Pro, Quik Pro, Ranger Pro and Remedy to rid your yard of weeds.

  • ​We sell Neem Oil and Malathion to rid your fruit and vegetables garden of any pests.

  • ​We have Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to organically rid your garden of pests.

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